Vitality Healthtech, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, was founded and is led by a team of physicians and psychologists dedicated to use of cannabinoid therapies as an alternative to opiate painkillers.

The Company is developing proprietary treatment regimens and will operate health care facilities that enable provision of related health care services for opioid-dependent patients, targeting the estimated 10 million Americans currently using opioids for treatment of chronic non-cancer pain. The Company intends to structure the products and services offered by Vitality Healthtech, Inc. such that they will be federally-compliant, enabling access to patients located in all U.S. states.

Expansion plans are being developed and the Company expects Vitality Healthtech, Inc. to operate on a cashflow positive basis or better by 2020, and to provide diagnostic and treatment services that are able to serve 100,000 or more patients in the United States within that timeframe.